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Nine Exercises to Keep Your Brain Sharp

What is mental or brain exercise all about?

Many people participate in the daily ritual of physical activity and if they do not, they are at least well versed in the benefits this has on the body. If you’re like most people you’ve spent a considerable amount of time devoted to either thinking about or performing some physical activity. But have you also considered the best ways to exercise your brain and keep your brain sharp?

Brain exercises often go unnoticed, but they are just as important as physical exercise. There are many activities you can do to improve your memory, focus, and daily brain function. As we get older, our brain function starts slowing down, making it harder to recall memories, let alone remembering basic things. Fear not, there are a number of daily mental exercises you can do to help keep your brain sharp.

Here are 9 exercises to keep your brain sharp:

1. Any physical exercise. Moving the body benefits the brain. Research has time and time again shown that people who engage in healthy behaviors such as exercise and proper nutrition are less susceptible to the cognitive declines associated with the aging process.  

2. Try using your non-dominant hand. This can be very difficult but that is the whole purpose! Research has shown that the most effective brain activities are those that are not necessarily easy.

3. Socialize! This is an activity most of us do on a daily basis without even thinking about it. Studies from 2019 suggest that people who are socially active are also at a lower risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Socializing also tends to engage multiple areas of the brain. 

4. Meditate. Meditation has been around for thousands of years, and is finally getting the recognition that it deserves. Mindfulness meditation can help engage new neural pathways, resulting in improved self-observational skills and increased mental flexibility. Research has also shown that meditation can help improve attention, focus, empathy, and even immunity. Need a place to start? Try ANTARA founder Cord Coen’s guided meditation.  

5. Learn a new dance. This is a great way to hone in on improving your brain’s processing speed and memory.

6. Complete a jigsaw puzzle - it doesn’t matter how large or small! Research has shown that doing a jigsaw puzzle has many positive, cognitive benefits.

7. Play a fun game of cards. Do you love solitaire, rummy, poker, or spoons? Playing card games is great for improving your memory and thinking skills. 

8. Boost your vocabulary. Studies show that learning language or vocabulary aids in visual and auditory processing. So go ahead and flex your vocabulary skills, whether that’s learning French, or practicing one new word this week. 

9. Learn a new skill or teach a new skill to someone. This is a particularly important one for adults as we age, since it helps to strengthen the connections of the brain. And of course, expanding your skills and passing on your wisdom to others is an amazing way to give back and make a meaningful impact. ANTARA was founded on the principles of love, peace, and gratitude, so we particularly like this one!   

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