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Father's Day Skincare Gifts: CBD Gifts for Dad

At ANTARA, we never pass up an opportunity to celebrate and honor the ones we love, and with Father’s Day fast approaching, we have been thinking about the perfect gifts that the fathers and father figures in our lives will love. Enjoy our curated list of Father's Day skincare gifts and self-care essentials we think they will appreciate.

Body care is self-care, from all-weather skin-savers to stress management, post-workout recovery and more. ANTARA offers a unique collection of products that do wonders when used individually, and are even better when they work together.

Take a look and explore all the clean, organic, and plant-powered miracle workers they’ll actually want to use!

From the ANTARA Collection
Our pure, potent, and spa-grade full-spectrum CBD Skincare and Tincture collection is designed to help bring zen, calm, and balance to the mind, body and soul. Each product in our collection is intentionally designed to address common problems with a holistic and all-natural approach using the powerful ancient ingredient.


SLEEP: Regular Strength & Extra Strength Vitality Elixir Tinctures help support a healthy sleep cycle and aid in a tranquil night’s rest. Ideal to assist with general wellness, calm, and harmony within the body and mind. Enjoy a few drops of the Vitality Elixir before bed, and look forward to sleeping in late on Father’s Day.

RELIEF: ANTARA’S Relief Balm serves as an extra strength salve for relief and recovery. Target tense areas of the body after an intense workout with this arnica and cayenne pepper balm featuring soothing, antioxidant-rich full spectrum hemp extract. Massage into the skin to calm the body and mind, soften the skin, and provide relief where you need it most. This is the perfect remedy for sore and aching muscles.

RESTORE: Age-defying Restore Balm for all-over-body wellness.
This multipurpose face and body balm helps you look and feel your best. Age defying paracress plant extract boosts the skin’s youthful appearance as coconut oil banishes dry skin. Antioxidant-rich CBD supports the whole body, assisting with balanced skin, and assisting with everyday tension and stress.

GLOW: Hydrating and nourishing Balance Oil, for the face and body.
This versatile, multipurpose oil takes you from morning into evening with head-to-toe benefits for the skin. Use daily to nourish face, neck, chest and body, for youthful, glowing skin. Ask your partner for a Father’s Day massage with the Balance Oil, and feel the magic of ANTARA.

RELAX: Revitalize in a warm, effervescent shea butter Bath Truffle soak, enhanced with antioxidant-rich hemp oil containing naturally occurring CBD. Soothing Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan salt, and arnica ease the body as shea and coconut oil soften and nourish the skin. Lock the bathroom door and treat yourself to a well deserved soak with the Bath Truffle. 


From the BESPOKE Collection, by ZENTS

 Scent is personal, intimate, and is known to trigger emotional reactions. Think about an aroma that stands out to you… what is your connection? Does it inspire you? Does it evoke memories of unforgettable moments? The BESPOKE Collection offers a variety of clean and gentle, mindfully formulated aromas inspired by nature that blend in perfect harmony. They’re designed for both men and women alike and once contact is made with the skin, the oils naturally begin to mix with your body’s natural scent to enhance your fragrance, much like how pheromones are produced naturally in the body.

Below are just a few aromas that tend to spark a unique connection with the fathers and father figures we know – and their partners love it too! 


FIG: Velvety and seductive, the FIG Collection captures the essence of an autumn romance in Paris. Heady and seductive clove buds flirt with spicy cinnamon and earthy vetiver for a sexy-strong base. Sensual cognac and bright pimento berry add a warmth and roundness to this bold blend.


ORE: The night is young and the mood is electric with The ORE Collection, a provocative, euphoric and sexy blend of intoxicating orris and sensual ylang ylang. Notes of bay laurel, black pepper and clove give this best-selling aroma a spicy kick.


EARTH: Inspired by the life affirming, grounding strength of the mountains, The EARTH Collection is a clean and calming blend, rooted in notes of sandalwood and fir needle. Top notes of bergamot and bay leaf give this gentle aroma the air of spring blooming in the forest.


Each of these unrivaled BESPOKE aromas make up a complete Collection of their own, consisting of hydrating probiotic Lotion for the hands and body, spray and roll-on fragrances that are the perfect accessory for wearing your individuality, cashmere Body Oil, age-defying and deep conditioning Concreta balm, Bath Truffles, Hand and Body Wash and Soap.


From the UNZENTED Collection, by ZENTS
The UNZENTED Collection was designed specifically for those with skin sensitivities. We’re particularly proud of this collection because not only does each item in this collection hold to the same quality and standard as our BESPOKE Collection, each unscented self care item is perfectly safe for expectant mothers and for those who may be experiencing and undergoing cancer treatment. We chose to highlight the UNZENTED Collection because even though we’re confident our aromas will make a powerful impact, we realize that for some they may already have a personal favorite that they don’t stray from – and that’s okay!

The UNZENTED Collection is the perfect way to complement your or your partner’s cologne or fragrance with luxurious spa-grade body care and skincare needs without the fear of clashing scents!

Here are a few best selling items from UNZENTED that we know they’ll love if they already have a favorite fragrance:

We hope this guide helps bring you a boost of confidence when it comes to selecting the perfect Father's Day skincare gifts this year. Do you, your partner, or loved ones have a favorite product from the ANTARA Collection? Share with us on social media by tagging us at @antaraorganics or share with us in the comments below.

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