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Can You Rub CBD Oil on Your Skin?

If your current skincare routine still leaves your face looking and feeling imbalanced or stressed, perhaps it’s time to explore the benefits of CBD on skin. CBD can help restore homeostasis in the body, which doesn’t just de-stress your mind, but skin too! Keep reading for a CBD daily skincare routine to balance dry, irritated, or simply sensitive skin, along with the versatile products to pull it off:

CBD Daily Skincare Routine

  1. Begin with a gentle cleanse. You know the drill. Use a cleanser that leaves you feeling hydrated, not depleted. Traditional cleansers leave you squeaky clean but can feel drying. Face cleansing balms can be wonderfully hydrating but are too rich for some skin types, and can feel unsatisfying for people who love that freshly-washed feeling. Still searching for that just-right clean? UNZENTED Wash strikes the right balance with its milky texture, antioxidant rich lotus flower and soothing organic aloe, especially for those with sensitive skin.  

  2. Give it a mist. Spritz on a refreshing facial mist (or toner if that’s your go-to) to revive skin and prime it for the next step, particularly if you’ve gone with a cleansing balm that doesn’t require water. Like a sponge, damp skin helps to better absorb your skincare products’ nutrients, so keeping it moist means reaping the maximum benefit of everything you apply.

  3. Moisturize with a balancing CBD oil by pressing, not wiping, the oil into your face’s delicate skin. Balance Oil 300mg contains antioxidant rich, full-spectrum CBD to calm skin, reduce redness and acne, and increase its radiance. Combined with vitamin E, soothing passionflower, and our own Zen blend of flower essences, this oil does the job of many—no face cream required.

    Tip: We love an at-home gua sha when using face oil—it’s basically giving yourself a facial that improves circulation and reduces inflammation. Yes please!

  4. Lock it in. Conclude your new CBD daily skincare routine with a dab of Restore Balm under eyes and on/around lips for a boost of age-defying paracress to lock in moisture or as a treatment for extra dry, flakey, or sensitive areas. It can also be used as an ultra hydrating overnight face mask

Can You Rub CBD Oil on Your Skin?
You can rub CBD oil on your skin if you wish, it will help boost your existing skincare routine and promote a more youthful look.

Is CBD oil good for the skin?
While there is still much to know, the current research suggests that there are many skincare benefits to CBD oil.

    Do you have a go-to CBD daily skincare routine for your face? Get started with Glowing Skin Collection of nourishing skin savers.

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