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Mindful Use of a CBD Elixir for Everyday Wellness

Mindful Use of a CBD Elixir for Everyday Wellness

Stress is an everyday factor that impacts people’s daily routines. As you may know, there is “good” stress (known as ‘eustress’) that often arises when an exciting or positive event is taking place. There is also “bad” stress (also known as ‘distress’) that unfortunately seems to be the type of stress we feel most impacted by in our daily lives.

Distress can come from many different sources, such as work, relationships, money, and life in general, and many people often soldier on through life’s stressors in an unhealthy way. This is why ANTARA Organics has created a CBD elixir that is designed to help your body relax for an overall health-conscious lifestyle.

But First, What is a CBD Elixir?

ANTARA Organics’ CBD elixir is a relief tincture that is designed for everyday use to bring your body a sense of calm and relaxation. Our calming tincture oil is completely organic and is extracted from hemp with a THC concentration that does not exceed 0.3% of its dry weight. This means that our CBD elixir (and all other ANTARA Organics products) is compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Additionally, all of ANTARA’s quality CBD products, including our relief tincture, are sourced from premium-quality hemp plants to deliver a simply amazing product that our loyal customers love.

Calm Tincture Oil: How to Use For a Mindful Life

As we stated above, distress is an unfortunate everyday factor in the average American life. Practicing mindfulness every day can help mitigate the chronic stressors of life, such as relationships, work, money, and much more.

In the Morning: When you wake up in the morning, take a deep breath and think about things to be grateful for. You can think about being grateful for something profound like family, health, your home, or something impactful in your life, or you can think of something mundane like the weather, coffee, or something inconsequential. The key to this practice is that whatever you choose, start the day with a positive thought. This is an easy practice that will help center your inner self and set the mood for the remainder of the day. If you’re familiar with how your body responds to CBD, try using a CBD elixir with your morning coffee or breakfast to start the day with centered calmness.

In the Afternoon: As you progress through the day, take a moment to yourself and check in on the thing you were grateful for in the morning. Think about how your day has progressed with the positive thought that you started the morning with, and see how your day has been since. Mid to late afternoon is a great time to use calm tincture oil as your day begins to wane to a close.

In the Evening: As the day comes to a close, your day could have been great, or it could have been less than optimal. Regardless of how it turned out, be grateful for the opportunity that you had and remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities. Ending your day with self-care routines while practicing mindfulness is a great way to balance a healthy mental state. Some people like to practice mindfulness during a shower or while preparing for bedtime. If your daily stress continues to persist, try using a good CBD relief tincture to recenter yourself before bedtime. Having a well-rested body can transfer to your mood and mind as you practice mindful living. You can also try using a quality CBD skincare product to accentuate your self-care routine.

Mindful Living Requires Intent

These are just a few ways to practice mindfulness when using a CBD elixir. While CBD is not a miracle product, it is a great and natural way to recenter yourself and bring some calmness to a busy world. Being mindful is a mindset that you can train like a muscle. Think about your health and wellness and remind yourself that self-care and mindfulness are important to a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why ANTARA Organics has created a premium CBD relief tincture designed for your health and wellness. Supplement your relaxation without unwanted stress today. For premium quality CBD products, visit ANTARA Organics to find your center!

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