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CBD Gift Basket for Him

Build the Perfect CBD Gift Basket for Him

Sometimes gift giving can be an extraordinarily stressful time. This stress is doubled when you’re shopping for those particularly hard-to-buy-for guys in your life. This is our guide to building a perfect CBD gift basket for him so that you can spend less time worrying about the perfect gift and more time relaxing with your loved ones.

Why CBD Gift Ideas for Guys

Cannabidiol (CBD) products have risen in popularity since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, and many people began using the products as a natural remedy for various reasons. CBD lotions, body oils, tinctures, and even CBD bath bombs have become increasingly popular in different age groups, and social, and ethnic backgrounds. That’s why, with this rise in popularity, we have assembled this CBD gift basket for him—a guide to help you choose great CBD gift ideas and products!

However, before we can dive into our guide, we need to address the elephant in the room: guys are notoriously terrible at choosing quality personal hygiene items. Case in point: who else uses a 5-in-1 shampoo conditioner, body wash, face wash, and hand soap combo? While anyone can appreciate the convenience of these personal hygiene products (if you can call it that), this is where a luxury CBD oil gift set would really shine. Our products by ANTARA Organics make great CBD gifts for dads, uncles, and more!

Why Gift Baskets (Or Boxes) Are Great

Wrapping up your gifts in a neat package or basket adds some flair and makes it more personable for your loved one. For example, since 2010, subscription boxes have become a staple in gift-giving and everyday living. From luxury dog treats and toys to premium pre-made meals, the subscription box industry has reached every corner of e-commerce. In addition to the subscription box industry, we all know and love the e-commerce giant Amazon delivers packages in, well, a box. For these reasons, we recommend ditching the box and going with a more personalized choice: the customized hand-assembled luxury CBD gift basket for him!

Choosing the Right Gifts

Shopping for gifts can be difficult when shopping for guys who like to be mysterious or stubborn. Luckily, choosing gifts can be easy if you keep it simple and include things that they’ll actually use. Here are some CBD gift ideas and non-CBD gift ideas to include in your gift basket:

  • Fancy Food Gifts: No gift basket is complete without some kind of premium quality snack food. We recommend basic choices like preserved meat, cheeses, jams, condiments, candies, chocolates, and/or crackers. Including food in your handcrafted gift basket is always a great choice because who doesn’t love food? Another great idea is to include their favorite beverage in the basket.

  • CBD Gifts for Dads and Dudes: Including luxury CBD products in your gift basket is a must. CBD products are reaching sales numbers in the millions for good reason. These popular products are great for skincare, general relief, and overall wellness. To make things easier, many online retailers sell bundled items for easy decision-making. Spoil your significant other with a CBD oil gift set from ANTARA Organics.

  • Tools and Gadget Gifts: You can’t build a gift basket for a guy without including some unique tools or gadgets. Wallet tools like a survival tool card, wallet multitool, or a mini phone stand are an excellent choice to include in your gift basket for him. There are hundreds of cool and unique wallet gadgets that are available, including wallet-sized LED flashlights, wallet-sized scales, and power banks.

  • Fun Clothing and Socks: Another foolproof gift idea is getting unique or fun socks and clothes. Shopping for guys’ clothes can be pretty easy as long as you know what kind of style they like and what their sizes are. Additionally, picking a tie or cufflinks is an easy way to add some personal class to their wardrobe without taking up too much space in the gift basket.

  • Gift Basket Assembly

    Before you can go run off and start assembling your CBD gift basket for him, you’ll need to get a basket or other shallow container. You’ll also need crafting plastic wrap, paper, shredded paper filler, or plastic filler (the color is optional), a pair of scissors, packing tape, ribbons, and some patience. Here are general steps to follow when assembling your gift basket:

  • Step 1: Add some paper or plastic filler into your basket. If you don’t have a paper filler, you can use decorative tissue paper or some other filler material to hold your items inside the basket. Don’t overfill. You want to leave some space for the gifts.
  • Step 2: Start filling the basket with your gift choices. Remember to distribute the gifts so that the center of gravity does not fall too much on one side; lopsided assembly can make the items shift in transit. Make sure the items face one direction, so it gives the basket a clean appearance! Using tape to assist in holding the items in place can be helpful if you’re having trouble.
  • Step 3: Wrap the basket with your crafting plastic wrap so that none of the items fall out. Use the tape to shape the wrap and finish with your ribbon or bow.

  • Thoughtful Gifts That Count

    Gift giving can be a stressful time for some people, that’s why assembling a CBD oil gift set, or gift basket is a perfect way to show your love and appreciation for your recipient. Sure, pre-assembled gift baskets are an easy choice, but nothing beats a personalized touch of hand-selected, customized giving.

    At ANTARA Organics, we have premium luxury full spectrum CBD products that are sure to be a favorite addition to any circumstance. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one, friend, teacher, or peer, we have the best CBD products for you. Visit our store at ANTARA Organics today!

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