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Your 5-Day Gratitude Practice for Thanksgiving Week

Gratitude is our go-to year round, but with Thanksgiving and the holidays around the corner we are staying extra mindful about staying present and soaking it all in. Even though 2021 has been far from perfect, if we take the time to practice gratitude, it will open our eyes to the abundance of beauty and kindness all around us. Follow our 5-day gratitude practice below during the week of Thanksgiving—or any time—to reset your outlook.

Day 1: Mantras

Meditation is like a big hug for your mind, it helps the brain refocus on what is important in life. For us, meditation looks like simple pranayama breathing technique while incorporating a daily mantra. We truly believe how words have the power to shape the structure of our minds and bodies. We keep a book of mantras around, but also turn to these affirming phrases or our Mantras highlight for easy ways to find inspiration. Meditation doesn't have to be a big ordeal! Practice mindful breathing for 5-15 minutes while in the shower or while drinking your morning coffee.

Take the deepest breath you can, all the way into your stomach. Repeat: 'Life is a gift'. Hold for 2 seconds and release slowly while repeating 'I am grateful'. To go even deeper, follow our founder, Cord Coen, on a powerful guided Pranayama breathing practice.

Day 2: Mindfulness

When we are only focused on the future we are missing the beauty of our NOW. One way to bring about mindfulness is by engaging our senses within that present moment. By engaging all 5 senses, we are able to get out of our heads and remind ourselves what it means to be human and what an incredible miracle it is to be alive. For example, when cooking a meal, pay attention to the ingredients – their texture, flavors and aroma. Sense that you are in the midst of a ritual, instead of a task. By becoming mindful of our present experience, we can become more grateful of the little things we often ignore or take for granted.

Day 3: Friendship

We love the saying, "gratitude is the emotion of friendship." Sometimes there is no better way to fill the soul than spending time with the ones you love most. Gratitude has been proven to strengthen relationships, so the next time you are with the ones you love share why you think they are so special and why you are happy they are in your life. Can't visit them? Send them a quick text with a little something sweet and we guarantee it will add a bright spot in your day and theirs!

Day 4: Sharing

Studies have traced an amazing range of impressive benefits to the simple act of writing down the things for which we’re grateful—benefits including better sleep, fewer symptoms of illness, and more happiness. The way the ZENTS team practices this is every night before you fall asleep write down one thing you are grateful for from your day. Another way to share your gratitude is to give yourself the challenge to share what you are grateful for on social media every day for 5 days. Create a community and hold each other accountable! #lovepeacegratitude

Day 5: Kindness

Have you ever heard that paying it forward releases dopamine in the brain - the happy chemical? It's true that helping others helps you. Volunteering for a cause that is near and dear to your heart can help open our eyes to what we take for granted every day. Don't have time to volunteer today? Small acts of kindness go a long way too. Have you ever complimented someone and seen their whole being brighten? Go ahead and spread a little bit of love this week. 

Are you up for the gratitude challenge? Tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #lovepeacegratitude with how you are practicing gratitude this week for a chance to be featured!

Sending you hugs, healing and happiness this holiday season. Much love from the ZENTS family!


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