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Night Time 10 Minute Stretch Routine With CBD

How often have you heard a friend say, “I need to stretch more.” Maybe you’re guilty of also saying a variation of that phrase, but the message is the same: stretching is good for your muscles and helps you feel better overall. According to the Sleep Foundation, there are stress relief benefits when you take a small amount of time to stretch every day. There is also a belief that gentle stretching before bedtime is a good way to improve sleep quality. 

It is important to note that with any stretch or physical activity, be sure to stop if any pain is experienced. When trying out this 10-minute stretch routine, wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes. For a total wellness approach, some may use CBD products, but when to take CBD for sleep? We believe that incorporating CBD for relaxation into our 10-minute stretch routine is a great way to take CBD for sleep. Use CBD products thirty minutes to an hour before bedtime for full benefits.

#1) The Standing Quadriceps Stretch: While this stretch is often associated with running, this is a basic stretch that is great for any time of the day. To begin this stretch, find a wall, chair, or other stabilizing objects to use for balance. Kick your left leg back to your left hand and hold at the back of your foot. Gently pull until the desired stretch is reached, and hold for one to two minutes. It is important to remember to breathe during this stretching movement, and you can adjust the position to your level of comfort. Once a minute is reached, switch to the other foot for the same amount of time and level of comfort. For a deeply relaxing stretch, try massaging our CBD for relaxation balm into your targeted areas before beginning the 10-minute stretch routine.

Girl in red shirt performing a quad stretch as part of a 10 minute stretch routine.

#2) Sitting Side Stretch: Now that your large quad muscles are nice and warm, find a comfortable place to sit. A popular choice is a yoga mat, a clean carpeted area, or on a rug. Start seated with your legs crisscrossed and your back and spine straight. Reach upwards with both arms centerline and then pick a side to stretch while keeping your upper body straight. This stretch targets the shoulder, oblique, back, and many other neglected areas. As with the previous stretch, hold one side for one to two minutes while remembering to breathe and monitor how your body responds. For a deeply relaxing routine, try using CBD for relaxation enhancement. This could include the use of premium-quality tinctures, bathing with a CBD bath truffle before bedtime, or applying a quality CBD balm. When to take CBD for sleep? The best time for tinctures and balms is thirty minutes to an hour before your intended sleep time.

Girl performing sitting side stretch as part of a 10 minute stretch routine.   Second position of her stretch as part of a 10 minute stretch routine.

#3) Tricep Stretch: This stretch can be done seated or standing. To begin, stand or sit straight so that the spine is aligned and as straight as possible. Raise your right arm straight upward and then bend at the elbow so that your hand comes down behind your neck. From there, place your left hand on your right elbow and gently activate the stretch by pulling your elbow centerline while standing straight. The stretch should be felt in your triceps. Remember to breathe slowly and be mindful of each breath so that each breath deepens the stretch. Gently hold the stretch for one to two minutes and switch arms. If using CBD for relaxation, try applying a premium CBD balm to your triceps before beginning this 10-minute stretch routine.

 Girl performing triceps stretch as part of a 10 minute stretch routine.

#4) Sitting Hamstring Stretch: This stretch is slightly more advanced but targets many muscle groups that are commonly tense. Sit in a comfortable place and start with your legs crisscrossed. Kick one leg straight out so that it is at a 45-degree angle from your centerline, and keep your other leg folded in. Slowly reach for your foot on the straight leg until you feel the stretch in the hamstrings; it is important to try to keep the leg as straight as possible and go slowly to avoid injury. Many beginners will have difficulty touching their toes, so you may complete the stretch while just sitting. Stretch to your level of comfort and hold for one to two minutes. Switch legs and repeat the process to align your other leg. This stretch focuses on your hamstrings and lower back, which are often neglected in everyday routines.

Man performing sitting hamstring stretch as part of a 10 minute stretch routine.

#5) Upward-Facing Dog: Finish this 10-minute stretch routine with a classic yoga pose, the upward-facing dog. Start by laying face-down on a comfortable padded area. From there, prop yourself up with your hands and arms while keeping your hips, knees, and feet fixed on the ground. The stretch will target your abdominal muscles and back mobility. Hold the position for four repetitions of thirty seconds each. As with the other stretch poses, be sure to breathe through the pose and be mindful of a deeper stretch with each breath.

Girl performing upward facing dog as part of a 10 minute stretch routine.

With this 10-minute stretch routine complete and you’re ready to wind down for the evening. Stretching has many benefits, such as increasing flexibility and blood flow. Muscle tension can also be significantly released with the right stretching exercises. It’s important to remember that you should stop if you feel any pain and consult your physician or a physical therapist for any problems you may be experiencing. 

At ANTARA Organics, we are committed to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness through premium CBD products that our ANTARA clientele can trust. That’s why our products are third-party tested, heat-free extracted, and certified organic. Experience the benefits of complete wellness with ANTARA Organics today.

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