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Holiday CBD Starter Set



Our CBD Starter Kit packaged in a velvet green gift bag with a gold foiled To/From tag, perfect for gifting! 

Explore the Antara range of nourishing skincare and wellness formulas with this 5-pc mini kit.

Kit includes:
Relief Balm (.25 oz)
Restore Balm (.25 oz)
Balance Oil (1oz)
Bath Truffle (1oz)
Vitality Elixir (0.1 oz)

The ANTARA CBD Discovery Kit is the perfect CBD starter kit and sample box all in one. This carefully curated collection of our most popular products is designed to help you experience the full potential of CBD. Our CBD starter kit is a great way to experience our wide selection of luxury CBD wellness products before committing to our full-sized line of goods.

This CBD sample box includes three of our best-selling products: our Vitality Elixir, the ANTARA Organics Relief Balm, the ANTARA Organics Restore Balm, our premium Balance Oil, and our popular CBD bath truffle. Each of our products in this CBD starter kit is designed to provide you with a unique experience of the benefits of CBD. Our CBD Tincture is a powerful, full-spectrum CBD tincture that you can take as part of your everyday routine. It's a great way to experience the relaxing, soothing effects of CBD. Our ANTARA CBD Balms are a topical application that you can use to soothe muscles and joints and nourish your skin. It's perfect for anyone who wants to experience the localized benefits of CBD. Lastly, our CBD bath truffle is a delightfully pleasant way to spice up your bathtime routine. This one-ounce bath bomb is small but can still pack a punch.

This CBD sample box comes in a beautifully designed, eco-friendly box, making it the perfect CBD bundle for gifting or as a treat for yourself. The ANTARA Organics CBD Discovery Kit is an excellent example of our CBD bundles and a great way to try out different forms of CBD to see what works best for you. It's also an excellent CBD starter kit for anyone who's curious about CBD or wants to experience its benefits for themselves.

At ANTARA, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, all-natural CBD products. We use only the best ingredients and the latest scientific research to create products that are safe, effective, and sustainable. Our CBD bundles, including the ANTARA CBD Discovery Kit, are also third-party tested to ensure that our products are reliable in CBD strength and quality. Find your relief today with ANTARA Organics.

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